Thank you to all of our great volunteers!

Approximately 150 volunteers are needed to run the MN Regional High School Science Bowl held in January and the MN Regional Middle School Science Bowl held in February each year.  The majority of volunteers work in academia or industry. Chemists, physicians, researchers, engineers, professors, biologists and many others help continue the Minnesota Academy of Science’s long tradition of STEM education programs of excellence in our state.

Volunteer roles

We need volunteers with STEM expertise to serve in the following roles.

Question Proofreader - You work with a team of STEM professionals to review all questions provided by the National Science Bowl in advance of the competitions and recommend updates and clarifications.

Moderator - You read all all questions during competition and complete official score sheets.

Scientific Judge - You manage the flow of the competition and control the buzzer system.

Rules Judge - You ensure all rules are followed and that any necessary penalties are enforced.

We also need scorekeepers, timekeepers, general volunteers, score runners, and help with event set up and take down.

Learn more about the 2020 Science Bowl Rules and see the Rules Flowchart.


Volunteers may work one or both of the competitions. Volunteer shifts for each Science Bowl are available as either a half day tournament volunteer (the first part of the tournament) or as a full day tournament volunteer. Training is provided on-site the day each event.