You know how important science is to our state, our country, and our future.

Since 1873, our supporting members have made it possible for the Minnesota Academy of Science (MAS) to promote scientific education, exploration, and networking as well as recognize the remarkable contributions of Minnesota scientists of all ages. In the 21st century, critical thinking skills and collaborative teamwork are becoming increasingly important. Students across Minnesota gain these essential skills through participation in our continuum of STEM programming. 

MAS voting members have the opportunity to vote for Board officers and on changes to our by-laws. 

Support STEM education throughout Minnesota by becoming a member! Join us as we recognize, promote, and influence excellence in science.  

Member Levels

Students: Grades 1 - 12

$10 one-time payment, non-voting membership

Students: Undergraduate

$25 one-time payment, non-voting membership


$65 per year - voting membership


$100 per year (immediate family only) - one voting membership


$1000 one-time payment - voting membership

Corporate/Organizational Membership

Budget less than $100,000 = $100 per year - one voting membership

Budget less than $500,000 = $150 per year - one voting membership

Budget less than $1,000,000 = $250 per year - one voting membership

Budget greater than $1,000,000 = $500 per year - one voting membership

We also need support for program/event sponsorships, technology, printing, and administrative support. If you or your organization is able to offer additional support to the MN Academy of Science, please contact the Executive Director.