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Our Vision

Founded in 1873, the Minnesota Academy of Science (MAS) is a statewide organization committed to promoting interest in and appreciation of science. We do so by encouraging and facilitating excellence in science and science education at all levels, and by sponsoring programs and activities for science students, science teachers, scientists, and other interested adults.

MAS is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.

We fund our K-12 continuum of science programming through program registration fees, annual membership dues, corporate sponsorships and grants, and donations from people like you. Our programs include team competitions and individual paper and project competitions that promote scientific research. MAS and our corporate sponsors give awards to student participants in our programs, and many students advance to national and international competitions.

Our Mission

The mission of the Minnesota Academy of Science is to recognize, promote, and influence excellence in science.

Our Values

At MAS, we strive:

To be INCLUSIVE. Our programs are open to all qualified participants.

To promote EXCELLENCE.


To provide LEADERSHIP in Minnesota's scientific community.

Our Staff

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Our Board

The MAS Board of Directors consists of representatives from K-12 education, higher education, and industry. Board members serve three-year terms. MAS voting members elect Board officers and the Board of DIrectors elects new Board members.

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