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Access & Mentoring

Access to Excellence

Access to Excellence is the MAS continuum of K-12 engagement and learning programming that motivates students across Minnesota to get involved and stay involved in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) study and project-based research, preparing them for college and career success.


Fostering Opportunities and Relationships in Science Education is a new MAS program that connects mentors with students from populations traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields. Mentors support student interests in science while helping them develop scientific research skills and eventually present science fair projects.

FORSE is an MAS Access to Excellence program that provides ACCESS.  

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Student Research

Science Fair / JSHS

The pinnacle of project-based STEM education in Minnesota since 1938, the MN State Science & Engineering Fair (MSSEF) showcases the state's best and brightest (grades 6-12). It is the culmination of Minnesota's Regional Science Fairs. High school students may present an additional research paper at the Junior Science & Humanities Symposium (JSHS).

MSSEF and JSHS are MAS Access to Excellence programs that recognize EXCELLENCE.

JSHS:  March 23, 2019        

MSSEF:  March 30-31, 2019

Winchell Symposium

The Winchell Undergraduate Research Symposium enables college students to share their original scientific research with peers, academics, and professionals.

Century College will host Winchell on April 27, 2019.



Science Bowl

Student high school and middle school teams compete head-to-head in one-day Science Bowl competitions to solve technical problems and answer STEM questions. Winning teams qualify to go on to the National Science Bowl. 

Science Bowl is an MAS Access to Excellence program that recognizes EXCELLENCE. 

High School Science Bowl: January 26, 2019 at Macalester

Middle School Science Bowl:  February 9, 2019 at St. Thomas


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