Architecture and STEM
A nice set of links to activities that connect students of various ages with engineering- and architecture-related projects using STEM.

AskMN - The Librarian Is In!
AskMN is an online service for information and research help that is available to all Minnesota residents and students.

Audubon Minnesota
Audubon Minnesota works to conserve and restore natural ecosystems with a focus on birds and other wildlife.

Bell Museum of Natural History
The Bell Museum of Natural History seeks to discover, document, and understand nature to promote informed stewardship.

Body Systems
A useful educational resource about human anatomy.

Fundamental Physics
Fundamental Physics covers foundational topics in physics including gravity, light, observation and measurement, the scientific method, and experiments.

Global Biodiversity Information Facility
The Global Biodiversity Information Facility encourages free and open access to biodiversity data through a global network of organizations.

Great Lakes Aquarium
The Great Lakes Aquarium inspires people to explore their connection with Lake Superior and the waters of the world.

International Wolf Center
The International Wolf Center advances the survival of wolf populations by teaching about wolves, their relationship to wildlands and the human role in their future.

Minnesota Department of Agriculture
The Minnesota Department of Agriculture ensures integrity in the food supply, the health of the environment, and the strength of the agricultural economy.

Minnesota Digital Library
The Minnesota Digital Library offers resources on Minnesota's history and geography for researchers, educators, students, and the public.

Minnesota Geological Survey
The Minnesota Geological Survey provides geoscience information to support environmental stewardship in Minnesota.

Minnesota Pollution Control Agency
The Minnesota Pollution Control Agency (MPCA) monitors environmental quality, offers technical and financial assistance, and enforces environmental regulations.

Minnesota Sea Grant
Minnesota Sea Grant works to enhance Minnesota's coastal environment and economy through scientific research and public education programs.

Minnesota: A History of the Land
Minnesota: A History of the Land brings to life the story of the people and landscapes of Minnesota from the retreat of the last ice sheets to the growth of today's suburbs.

National Institute of General Medical Sciences
The National Institute of General Medical Sciences strengthens public understanding and appreciation of science by publishing free science education materials.

OneGeology is an international initiative whose aim is to create dynamic digital geological map data for the world.

Science Cafes
Science Cafes are events that take place in casual settings and engage scientists and the public on scientific topics.

Science for People
Science for People is a science and technology news source written in plain language.

Science Museum of Minnesota
The Science Museum of Minnesota combines research and collection facilities, a public science education center, and teacher education and school outreach programs to provide science education to everyone.

Science News
Science News covers important and emerging research in all fields of science. It publishes concise, accurate, timely articles that appeal to both general readers and scientists.

STEM resources
A good compilation of resources for anyone interested in exploring STEM education, including Twitter, parent/teacher/student guides and more.

St. Anthony Falls Laboratory
The St. Anthony Falls Laboratory researches the intersection of fluid mechanics with major societal challenges in energy, environment and health.

Water Environment Federation
The Water Environment Federation provides leadership, champions innovation, connects water professionals, and leverages knowledge to support clean and safe water worldwide.