Students and Parents

Academic Online Research

A guide for doing organized online academic research with smart keywords, evaluating the credibility of a source, links to open access journal databases and other strong information bases, creating proper citations, and more.

Minnesota Youth Institute

This program, started by Nobel Peace Prize Winner Dr. Norman Borlaug, challenges high school students to solve local and global hunger issues, and connects ideas of science, economics, agriculture, social justice, and more. Dr. Borlaug, a CFANS and UMN alumnus, is credited with saving over a million lives, and he encouraged the youth to be involved in discussions of complex issues via programs like the MN Youth Institute (MNYI). MNYI is an interactive daylong program where teens from across the state come to the St. Paul campus of the U of M for an immersive science experience and they have the opportunity to connect with research and industry leaders. Students are also eligible for scholarships, paid internships, as well as potentially being selected to represent Minnesota at the Global Youth Institute and World Food Prize View instructions HERE.

All Science Fair Projects
All Science Fair Projects is a resource that helps students search for useful ideas and tips for science experiments.

Courage Center Camps
Courage Center Camps facilitate development of personal strengths, such as self esteem, honesty, responsibility and feeling in control of one’s life.

Dragonfly TV
The Dragonfly TV site gets kids excited about science by showcasing real kids finding science and providing ideas for hands-on science activities.

Einstein Light
Einstein Light is an interactive module on relativity.

Electronic Library for Minnesota
The Electronic Library for Minnesota Learning Center is a collection of instructional materials on the ELM databases that have been organized into courses.

Fun Science Project Ideas
Fun Science Project Ideas provides suggestions for science project ideas for all ages.

MN Knows
MnKnows is a portal to Minnesota's online library services.

MnLINK is a statewide virtual library that electronically links you to Minnesota's rich library resources.

A good link for kids to human body resources, recommended by one of our MAS students.

PubMed comprises more than 22 million citations for biomedical literature, life science journals, and online books.

Reach for the Stars
An annual compilation in guidebook form of opportunities for students to challenge themselves outside classroom; Minnesota Academy of Science is listed on pages 25-27. 

Research Project Calculator
The Research Project Calculator is a resource for students to create a plan to navigate the research process and develop research skills.

Science and Engineering Encyclopedia
The Science and Engineering Encyclopedia was created by a small consultancy to share information related to engineering, physics, and software engineering.

Science Buddies
Science Buddies empowers students, parents, and teachers to quickly and easily find free project ideas and help in all areas of science.

Science News for Kids
Science News for Kids is an online publication that caters science news to children 9-14.

Showcase for best in STEM videos, games, activities, created by Twin Cities Public Television

STEM resources

A good compilation of resources for anyone interested in exploring STEM education, including Twitter, parent/teacher/student guides and more.

Talking Math With Kids
This website is dedicated to helping parents support their children’s mathematical development.

Warp - Special Relativity Simulator
Warp, a special relativity simulator, visualizes relativistic phenomena that are generally unobservable in the everyday world.