The National Science Bowl is a school-based competition. Any current public, private, or home school is welcome to participate. Teams of home-schooled students will be considered to belong to a school as long as they are part of an official home school association.

The High School Science Bowl is for students currently in grades 9-12. The Middle School Science Bowl is for students in grades 6 - 8.  

A maximum of 40 teams may compete in the MN Regional Science Bowl for High School Students and 24 teams may compete in the Middle School Bowl.


How are teams selected?

The goal of the MN Academy of Science is to maximize the number of schools participating. To reach this goal, the first 40 high schools and 24 middle schools with completed registrations (including payment) by the deadline will have one team from their school accepted into the tournament. If there is space available after one team from each school has been accepted, a second team from the school will be accepted based on the date the registration was completed, including payment. If there is space available after a second team from each school has been accepted, a third team from the school will be accepted based on the date the registration was completed, including payment. If space is not available for a school's alternate team(s), that team(s) fee will be refunded.  Coaches will be notified shortly after the deadline as to the number of teams accepted from their school.

Teams are registered on a first-come, first-served basis so the date we receive registration is very important. If a school wishes to have more than one team participate, they should submit registration materials and payment for up to three teams, as early as possible, but no later than the registration deadline. The Science Bowl is a popular competition and team spots fill quickly. It should be noted that last year, many High School and Middle School teams had their registrations completed, including payment, in November, well before the deadline. Therefore, it is extremely important to get started on the application process as early as possible and not wait until the deadline to submit team registration. 

All steps below MUST be finished by the deadline in order for your registration to be complete.


Step 1: Register On-line

Register online. Each team must create a new account each year. Please use the entire official school name.

High School teams 


Middle School teams 

Step 2: NEW FOR 2019  Complete ALL Forms in your NSB team account


All forms are available on the National Science Bowl (NSB) online site where you register your school's team (the purple button above). Forms are located on the NSB website in the Rules, Forms, and Resources area. Forms are to be downloaded, completed, and uploaded to your NSB team's online account.

Step 3: Send Payment

Send payment of $150 per team to:

MN Academy of Science
Science Bowl Registration
970 Raymond Avenue, Suite 103
St. Paul, MN 55114

Credit card payment can be made via paypal.

Paypal for High School and Middle School

Print Purchase Order to send with your check.


In order for your team's registration to be complete, the online registration must be done with all forms complete and uploaded and payment must be received by the Minnesota Academy of Science by the deadline.

High School Deadline: 12/15/2019

Middle School Deadline: 1/15/2020

A late fee of $50 per team will be assessed if the registration is not complete by the deadline.


Refunds or cancellations must be requested in writing by email to two weeks prior to an event for which you are registered.

Refunds will not be given after that date unless there are extenuating circumstances. Requests based on extenuating circumstances must be made in writing by email to the program director before the program start date.

No refunds will be given for late fees.


We will not share your personal or credit card information with any third parties.

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