K-12 Educators

Chemistry Outreach

Chemistry Outreach is a University of Minnesota program that does chemistry demonstrations and discusses chemistry careers in local schools and at larger events.


College Readiness Consortium

The College Readiness Consortium works with educators and allies to increase the number and diversity of Minnesota students who graduate from high school with the knowledge, skills and habits for success in higher education.


Computational Linguistics Olympiad

This olympiad is a contest in which high-school students solve linguistic puzzles. In solving the problems, students learn about the diversity and consistency of language, while exercising logic skills. No prior knowledge of linguistics or second languages is necessary.


Engineering Education Service Center

The Engineering Education Service Center specializes in providing products and resources for educators to enhance student learning.


Health Careers Center

The Health Careers Center creates innovative programs, provides educational services, and influences policies that contribute to the development of future health professionals.


Learn How to Become

Learn How to Become outlines education and career-planning steps students need to take to pursue careers in science, technology, medicine, the arts, and other fields.


Minnesota Project Lead the Way

Minnesota Project Lead the Way is an organization that provides rigorous and innovative STEM education curricular programs for K-12 schools.


The Minnesota Science Teachers Association

The Minnesota Science Teachers Association works to stimulate, coordinate, and improve science teaching and learning.


National Science Teachers Association

The National Science Teachers Association is an organization that promotes excellence and innovation in science teaching and learning.


National Teacher Registry

The National Teacher Registry is a free service for schools and teachers that enables them to create a list of the items they need for their classrooms.


Open Education Database

The Open Education Database provides resources for students to learn about careers in the sciences, take free, open online courses, and explore college rankings.


Project Kaleidoscope

Project Kaleidoscope advocates for building and sustaining strong undergraduate programs in STEM fields.


Research Media & Cybernetics

Research Media & Cybernetics supplies information and products for scientific education and research.


Schoolyard Ecology Explorations

Schoolyard Ecology Explorations seeks to increase student and teacher expertise in ecological research, natural history, and sustainability through workshops, resources, and grants.



SEEK is the home of Minnesota's environmental education resources.


SPARK Competition

SPARK is a project of the Society for Science & the Public, in collaboration with the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation that will inspire adults, through the challenge of competition, to generate a new set of experiences and activities that capture children's imagination in science, spark and fuel their interests, and foster persistent curiosity and creativity.


STEM Education Center

The STEM Education Center researches best practices, creates a model for integrating STEM disciplines into P-16 curricula, and provides professional development for teachers in STEM areas.


STEM Classroom

Kris Sjazner's website provides resources for elementary teachers seeking to incorporate technology in their STEM classrooms.



STEMMP (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics Mentorship Program) increases retention and effectiveness of STEM teachers to increase student achievement.


Water on the Web

Water on the Web offers curricula on basic science and water science for high school and undergraduate student courses.