Past Keynote Speakers

2016 Keynote speaker

April 2, 2016

Heidi Teoh, Ph.D. Principal Scientist; General Mills, Inc. Minneapolis, MN.


Heidi TeohDr. Heidi Teoh leads a Technology Application Innovation and Acceleration Team in the Thermal Applications Group at General Mills Inc.  She works with Technology Development, Marketing and Consumer Insights to track trends, develop new products and determine new areas for growth. Heidi brings together a food scientist’s technical understanding of product formulation/behavior and flavor development with a strong culinary mindset developed as a caterer.  

During her 16 years at General Mills, she has worked on and led development on a many new products for a number of General Mills brands. Currently, Heidi is Technical Lead for new technology applications and innovation in the Global Meals Platform. She has led development on a host of Progresso soups, including the initial launch of Progresso Light soups.  

Heidi attended H. D. Jacobs High School in northwestern Illinois, where she was very active in Science Fairs and was a student officer in the IJAS. She received her Ph.D. in Food Science from the University of Illinois, where she did research in extrusion and carbohydrate chemistry/food polymers – specifically characterizing and modeling glass transition behavior in grain based food systems: Physical and chemical characterization of extruded cereal grains.  

When not working on the next big idea(s) in bringing technology innovation to life for General Mills, Heidi loves spending time with her husband and son inside in the kitchen (she is a self-described rabid baker with a 12 year old sourdough starter named Methuselah), at the 
orchestra and opera, and outside enjoying Minnesota’s parks, lakes and trails by foot or bike.