Past Awards


2013 North Central Regional JSHS Winners

The five award winners received an expense-paid trip to the National JSHS. The National JSHS brings together over 400 participants in a program of educational and scientific exchange. The 1st and 2nd place finalists were awarded an invitation to present their original research at the National JSHS. The 3rd place finalist was invited to present their poster at National JSHS in a non-compete viewing for peers and adults. Awards were given for best posters. The 4th and 5th place finalists were invited to attend National JSHS as observers.

A total of $4,500 in undergraduate tuition scholarships were awarded to the top three finalists at the North Central Regional JSHS. The top three finalists were awarded $2000, $1500, and $1000, respectively. Scholarship are payable upon matriculation and upon meeting the JSHS scholarship conditions. All five finalists received trophies.

  1. Connor Klemenhagen*
  2. Ariel Keller & Karina Skov
  3. Heather Stone
  4. Aditi Das
  5. Jenny Lai
*Kevin Molohon was awarded $500 for serving as the teacher and mentor for the first place student, Connor Klemenhagen.

National JSHS Winner(s)

  • Connor Klemenhagen took first place in Environmental Sciences and was awarded a $12,000 scholarship.

American Junior Academy of Sciences Award Winner(s)

  • Priyanka Narayan was awarded an all-expense paid trip to National AJAS. AJAS is a program of the National Association of the Academies of Science and is run in conjunction with the annual conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS). 

Scientific Achievement Award Winners

Scientific Achievement Award Winners received a certificate and a $50 award.

  • Paige Dempsey
  • Apurv Shekhar
  • Marcus Gomez
  • Jessica Ryvlin
  • Ryan Wade
  • Suboohi Khan and Sidhra Musani (Team)

Graduate Women in Science - Minnesota Chapter Award Winners

One female student representing each grade, 9-12, was awarded a certificate, $25 award, and an invitation to the Graduate Women in Science - Minnesota Chapter Banquet.

    • 9th grade – Rahema Rashid
    • 10th grade – Selvi Bunce
    • 11th grade – Stacy Erickson
    • 12th grade – Cassandra Roy
Photos will be posted soon.


89 students presented 70 papers at this year's Tri-State JSHS symposium. The following awards were won:

Advancing to National JSHS

  • 1st place - David Campeau and Spencer Berglund
  • 2nd place - Timothy Renier
  • 3rd place - Naveen Jain
  • 4th place - Ishmam Ahmed
  • 5th place - Travis Sigafoos

Advancing to AJAS

  • Winner - Anushua Bhattacharya
  • 1st alternate - Margaret Green and Laura Landgraf
  • 2nd alternate - Preston Jackson and Alec Lamirande
  • 3rd alternate - Lila Johnson

Outstanding Achievement:

  • Caleb Kumar
  • Rena Weis
  • Jonah Butler
  • Bhargavi Papisetty
  • William Zeng & Orien Zeng
  • Aris Prince

Breakfast with Scientists /REAP Photos

Award Photos


73 students presented 65 papers at this year's Tri-State JSHS symposium. The following awards were won:

Advancing to National JSHS

  • 1st place - Spencer Berglund
  • 2nd place - Evan Chen
  • 3rd place - Paimon Pakzad
  • 4th place - Naveen Jain
  • 5th place - Karin Sather

Advancing to AJAS

  • 1st place - Rahul Mukherjee
  • alternate - Alec Lamirande and Preston Jackson

Oustanding Achievement:

  • Jack Bryant
  • Aditi Das
  • Samarth Damania
  • Trevor Brian Neff
  • Iman Pakzad
  • Travis Sigafoos

Presentations & General Photos
Banquet & Award Photos


64 students presented 57 papers at this year's Tri-State JSHS symposium. We were delighted to welcome South Dakota back to the competition this year! The following awards were won:

Advancing to National JSHS

  • 1st place - Gavin Ovsak
  • 2nd place - Dan Mokhtari
  • 3rd place - David Campeau & Spencer Berglund
  • 4th place - Eric Chien (not attending)
  • 4th place - Riya Madan
  • 5th place - Katherine Paulsen

Advancing to AJAS

  • 1st place - Somer Drummond
  • 2nd place - Jean Leighton
  • alternate - Tim Youtz

Oustanding Achievement:

  • Matthew Crocker
  • Max Keller
  • Kara Lillehaug & Kristina Tester
  • Cathryn Manduca
  • Logan Pallin
  • Bethany Rosemore & Ben Scheuer


71 students presented 61 papers at this year's Tri-State JSHS symposium. The event was expanded this year to include 14 additional presentations and 5 additional awards. The following awards were won:

Advancing to National JSHS

  • 1st place - Stephen Trusheim
  • 2nd place - Travis Spangler
  • 3rd place - Michael Cherkassky
  • 4th place - Sierra     Danforth & Sahar Hakim-Hashemi
  • 5th place - Michael Crump

Advancing to AJAS

  • 1st place - Emily Nimmer
  • 2nd place - Sharmila Ahmed
  • alternate - Lena Swander
  • alternate - David & Neil Erdahl

Oustanding Achievement:

  • Anushua Bhattacharya
  • Madelaine Taft-Ferguson
  • Daniel Mokhtari
  • Raghav Chandra
  • Riya Madan


53 students presented 46 papers at this year's Tri-State JSHS symposium. The event was expanded this year to provide a full callback round. The callback judges had a very difficult time ranking the amazing presentations these students did. At long last, they decided on the following placement:

Advancing to National JSHS

  • 1st place - Kate Weegman
  • 2nd place - Steve Trettel
  • 3rd place - Daniel Mokhtari & Stephen Trusheim
  • 4th place - Nicholas Derrico
  • 5th place - Melody Hu

Advancing to AJAS

  • 1st place - Michael Zaiken
  • 2nd place - Madelaine Taft-Ferguson
  • 3rd place - Brandon Law
  • 4th place - Catherine Ishitani
  • 5th place - Elaine Ayers

Results of National JSHS
Out of 97 papers presented at the National Symposium, 18 winners are chosen in 6 categories.

  • Congratulations to New Prague's Stephen Trettel who won 1st place and a $16,000 scholarship!
  • Congratulations to Winona's Kate Weegman who won 3rd place and a $2,000 scholarship!
  • Congratulations also go to to Breck School's Daniel Mokhtari and Stephen Trusheim who won gift certificates for their poster presentation!


From 21 Open Competition entrants, 10 were chosen to compete at this year's JSHS competition. They joined 45 students from regional fairs for an educational evening that covered a wide range of scientific discilines.

  • 1st - Steve Trettel
  • 2nd - Mitch & Matt Weegman
  • 3rd - Brandon Lew
  • 4th - Elaine Ayers
  • 5th - Kate Weegman


  • 1st - Steve Trettel
  • 2nd - Carl Turner
  • 3rd - Mitch & Matt Weegman
  • 4th - James Hanson
  • 5th - Amy Tierney


  • 2003 First Place Winner Jordan Meehl
  • 2003 First Alternate Adam Hahn
  • 2003 Second Alternate Erik Mundahl
  • 2003 Third Alternate Michael Barany
  • 2003 Fourth Alternate Ning Zhou
  • 2003 First Place Winner Jordan Meehl


The Minnesota Academy of Science hosted the 2002 Tri-State Junior Science and Humanities Symposium (JSHS) in October, 2002 at Macalester College. Part of a national program that reaches over 10,000 students and teachers, the symposium brings together young scientists to discuss concepts and ideas with experts from a wide range of disciplines. This year's 37 high school student participants from Minnesota, North Dakota and South Dakota were selected from more than 200 students who presented oral and written results of their research investigation at regional and state levels.

Students presented research findings to an audience of about 340 people, including their peers, volunteers, teachers, advisors, family members and judges from academia, government and industry. In addition to the paper presentations at Macalester, event highlights included the popular Breakfast with the Scientists where students had the opportunity to ask questions and explore career options with working scientists At the Student Choice Award Poster Sessions, the young scientists got to select their own favorites in categories ranging from best research to most likely to win a Nobel Prize. The program also included a visit to the Minnesota Science Museum, a MAS educational partner.

The Junior Science and Humanities Symposium is sponsored by the United States Army and Navy.