2017 STEM award winners

The winners of the High School STEM Communicator Awards have been determined by a panel of judges.

Top 10

  • Sung Wan H. and Jiaheng (Julien) H. (Breck), "From Takeout Box to Organic Laser: Transforming the Industry by Engineering a Transparent, Flexible Laser"
  • Cole M. and Maggie S. (Breck), "Cancer and Tick-borne Bacteria : Identification of Bartonella and Borrelia as Possible Promoters of Melanoma Metastasis" (FIND THE PAPER HERE)
  • Cheyenne B. (Park Christian School, Moorhead), "Fungal growth on medical devices: is Candida albicans capable of forming biofilm on a polystyrene surface?" (FIND THE PAPER HERE)
  • Archana M. (Breck), "Window to the brain: Using retinal biomarkers to predict progression of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease"
  • Addison G. and Hyunsoo Brian S. (Breck), "Preparing for the Future: Analyzing the Long-Term Effects of Traumatic Brain Injury" (FIND THE PAPER HERE)
  • Emma W. (Cloquet High School), "Quack Quack, What’s in my Water? What effect does the concentration of Salicylic acid (aspirin) have on the growth of Lemna minor (duckweed) and Lumbriculus variegatus reproduction rate while under the stress of glyphosate (roundup)?"
  • Karthik P. and Jyotirmya K. (Breck), "Inhibiting prostate cancer: The effects of the signaling receptor, RHAMM, on prostate carcinoma growth and motility"
  • Raunak V. and Elena B. (Breck), "Hello, Stranger: A Big Data Approach to Online Dating" (FIND THE PAPER HERE)
  • Isabella J. and Melinda S. (Breck), "Classification of IMP-­1 ß­-Lactamase Inhibition and Inhibition Mechanisms to Combat Antibiotic Resistance"
  • Samuel A. and Siyuan M. (Breck), "Lifting with ease: Engineering an intuitive lifting control system"


Honorable Mention

  • Maya C. and Samuel R. (Breck)
  • Claire T. (Cloquet)
  • Serena L. and Elise A. (Orono)
  • Seyade T. and Cassidy Y. (Breck)
  • Morgan S. and Jordin W. (Cloquet)
  • Alma J. (Clinton Graceville Beardsley)
  • Abigail S. (Cloquet)
  • Genevieve W. (Breck)
  • Harini Kethar (Minnetonka)
  • Grant P. and James W. (Breck)