Fostering Opportunities & Relationships in Science Education


FORSE seeks to provide pathways for student populations traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields to participate in the Minnesota State Science & Engineering Fair (MSSEF) and the Junior Science & Humanities Symposium (JSHS). This program connects participants with professional mentors and resources while they develop their research and prepare for competition. The Minnesota Academy of Science is currently seeking eligible student participants and mentors to enroll in FORSE through schools, after school programs, and STEM youth groups. Our state science competitions are very special events where young people have the opportunity to widen their network of like-minded peers and find access to experiences and connections that encourage their commitment to STEM. These events provide students with the tools and confidence to achieve their goals. FORSE will help ensure that the opportunity to participate in these events is available to all Minnesota students.


Helping FORSE participants achieve success at MSSEF & JSHS is the first step in fostering our participants’ commitment to STEM education and careers. FORSE aims to provide ongoing, multiple-year support and sponsorship to participants by continually helping them on their way to state competitions and to find them the mentors and resources they need. As they learn the rigor, discipline, and creative thinking involved in scientific research and presentation, they will grow and flourish as students. According to the 2016 Minnesota Report Card, only 58% of Minnesota students meet or exceed Academic Standards for math and only 54.2% of Minnesota students meet or exceed Academic Standards for science. Through FORSE and other MAS programs, we are committed to improving the quality of STEM education in Minnesota. We see that by the time our state competition participants reach graduation, they have discovered their commitment to specific areas of study, built strong networks of support, and possibly earned thousands of dollars in scholarships and awards from their research. The goal of FORSE is to provide participants with the resources and opportunities in STEM that will create a foundation for both academic and professional success.

How To Get Involved

Become a mentor
If you would like to mentor a FORSE participant, please send an email containing your contact information, your qualifications, and your availability to Program Director Sara Gomez at

Register a group/individual
If you know of a group or individual that would benefit from what FORSE has to offer, please send a request for application to Sara Gomez at

If you would like to contribute resources to this program, please contact our Fundraising and Outreach Coordinator Lisa Day at


If you would like more information please contact Program Director Sara Gomez,