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Why I Volunteer: A 2016 Science Bowl Compilation

  • “Seeing all those smart kids restores my faith in the future.” — Kelly Coleman
  • William Smith of Savigent Software wanted to increase his activity with Minnesota Academy of Science. He was a child of the 1960s, and the moon race sparked his interest in science. He has specialized in earth and space sciences academically and career-wise, now working as an engineer. He was grateful to have a biology graduate student on his Bowl volunteer team to help him with tough words. “There’s a whole lot of smart students out there,” he says.
  • Claudia Zierold, from Switzerland, was a first time volunteer in 2016. She is a Scientific Affairs manager who specializes in vitamin D and bone and mineral testing for DiaSorin. "My favorite part of the Science Bowl was observing the mental process of the kids as they came up with answers."