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Issues of equity, access, and diversity in STEM education continues to be an important national issue/ conversation. Providing children with a strong foundation in STEM education multiplies their educational and professional opportunities and can thus change their life. The Minnesota Academy of Science is opening a new program called FORSE  to begin providing  local students with STEM mentors. Mentorships have proven to be valuable aspect in student success and empowerment and we want to provide this resource to student populations,  who are traditionally underrepresented in STEM fields. FORSE mentors will work to help students through their journey to participate in the Minnesota State Science & Engineering Fair and/or the Junior Science & Humanities Symposium by assisting them with conducting research for their project. We believe in the success of our youth programs, and we believe in our community, but we need your help.

Who is a FORSE mentor?

 Below is a list of qualities that describe an ideal FORSE Mentor:

      Some experience with education or mentoring Middle School or High School aged children

      STEM background

      Can pass a background check

      Would have time to dedicate to a student they are mentoring during "after school" hours or on the weekend (in person, by phone, or virtually)

      A retired educator, STEM focused grad student, STEM focused undergrad 

      MAS youth program alumni

      Someone that has connections/access to facilities or resources for FORSE students

      Is capable of quick response-time to correspondence.

      Has experience working with diverse populations/cultural sensitivity training

If you believe that you, or someone you know would be a good candidate to mentor a FORSE participant, please send an email containing contact information, any applicable  qualifications,  and how you found out about our program  to Sara Gomez  at

How else can I get involved

 Below is a list of other ways that you can join our efforts in empowering local youth:

      Register a group/individual

If you know of a group or individual that would benefit from what FORSE has to offer, please send a request for application to Sara Gomez;

      Resource Donations

If you would like to contribute resources to this program, please contact our Fundraising and Outreach Coordinator , Lisa Day;

 If you would like more information please contact Program Director Sara Gomez,