Winchell Undergraduate Research Symposium winners

Here are many of the award winners from the Winchell Undergraduate Research Symposium held April 29, 2016, at the University of Minnesota. 

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  • Evan Kalb won Lee I Smith Award for Excellence in Chemistry, "Study of Fluorescent Ligand Interactions on Supramolecular G-DNA," University of St. Thomas.
  • Xinci Tan won the Arthur N. Wilcox Award for Excellence in Ecology & Environmental Science, "Effects of Captive-Rearing on the Common House Cricket and Its Differences in Behavior Compared With Its Wild Counterparts," Department of Ecology, Evolution and Behavior, University of Minnesota, College of Biological Sciences.
  • Xinci Tan and Alexandra Quinn tied for first place for Excellence in Ecology & Environmental Science. Alexandra's paper was on "Microhabitat selection of Tamias Striatus within a Minnesota Deciduous Forest," biology department, College of St. Scholastica.
  • Jacob Arndt, winner of Newton H. Winchell Award for Excellence in Earth Science, "The influence of upper-air winds and the El Nino-Southern oscillation on commercial air travel," University of Minnesota, Department of Geography, Environment and Society.
  • Adeel Ahmad, winner of Hiram E. Essex Award for Excellence in Organismal & Physiological Sciences, "Disruption of Enterococcus Faecalis biofilms on ventricular assist device drivelines," University of Minnesota Department of Medicine and Department of Microbiology.
  • Christopher Phenicia, Jay W. Buchta Award for Excellence in Physics, "Engineering the Shape of Small Molecule Organic Semiconductor Crystals," University of Minnesota Department of Physics and Department of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science.
  • Megan He, winner of Stirling P. Stackhouse Award for Excellence in Social Science, "Cannabis Use and Brain Volumes: A Co-Twin Control Analysis," University of Minnesota Department of Psychology. She also won one of the Top 5 oral presentation awards
  • Meaghan Bruening, one of three winners of Best in Session for top oral presentation, "Palladium(II) thiacrown and oxathiacrown complexes with cyclometallating ligands," St. Catherine University Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry.
  • Michael Blazanin, honorable mention for his oral presentation, "Experimental Evolution of Bacterial Motility," University of Minnesota College of Biological Sciences.
  • Diante Emerson, honorable mention for oral presentation, "Aroma molecules and secondary experimentation," Rochester Community and Technical College.
  • Zoe Kulik, honorable mention for oral presentation, "Comparative bone histological analysis: testing a 'titanosaur growth pattern' in Rapetosaurus Krausel, Macalester College Department of Geology.
  • Sundeep Dhanju, one of top 5 oral presentations, "Radiation-induced changes in celf1 localization and function," University of Minnesota Department of Biology, Society and Environment.
  • Broc Kokesh of University of Minnesota - Morris, Division of Science and Mathematics, won top poster presentation from Tri-Beta Biological Honor Society, for "The influence of spines on predcation and survivorship of devonian atrypid brachiopods."
  • Kelsey Singer, honorable mention for oral presentation, "Annotation and cloning of a hypothetical cellulase gene in Cellulophaga," University of Northwestern College of Behavior & Natural Sciences.
  • Oral presentation award winner Levi Walls, "A look at a purely mineralogical dependence on wave speeds in homestake mine," University of Minnesota School of Physics and Astronomy, University of Minnesota.
  • Top oral presentation winner Alexandra Thiele, "The effect of TBX2 and epiregulin on signal transduction pathways in the MCF10A human breast epithelial cell line," St. Mary University, Department of Biology.