How do I know if my abstract was accepted?
Students will hear whether their abstract was accepted within one week of submitting their abstract (which is submitted as part of registration). If you submitted an abstract and have not heard back within one week, please contact: laramaupin@mnmas.org to make sure your abstract was received.

How are the oral presentation rooms assigned?
Oral presentation rooms are grouped by topic or theme. If you are presenting a biology project, you will be presenting in a room with other similar projects. If you are presenting in physics, you may be grouped with engineering and math projects.

How many people watch each oral presentation?
Oral presentations are held in classrooms. Typically, between 5-20 people attend each oral presentation. Attendees are free to move to a new room between presentations.

Can my friends or family come to watch me present?
Friends and family members can register at the door to observe the symposium. If they plan to stay for lunch, they must register online in advance for $15.